“Creel provides an amazing product and great support time after time”
Service is a hallmark of our business. CREEL’s Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) are amongst the finest in the business. In addition to a wealth of manufacturing knowledge, our CSRs bring in-depth industry insights that help customers
create more effective campaigns and products for their specific marketplace. Moreover, CREEL CSRs work as a seamless extension of your business, monitoring your projects through scheduling, manufacturing, and distribution.
Individuals are increasingly using their handheld devices to gather information, interact with companies, and make purchasing decisions. As a first adopter, CREEL has a depth of experience in delivering high-impact mobile marketing solutions.
The CREEL Mobile 2D barcoding platform enables publishers and advertisers to increase website traffic, generate new interest, and grow sales. CREEL’s iCloudMobileMedia takes this a step further, providing for full online digital reproductions of printed publications with dynamic links and complete reporting.
Perhaps most exciting is CREEL’s augmented reality (AR) offering. Fully customizable, this intriguing technology enables clients to enhance any content with video, audio, and imagery to create extremely targeted and memorable experiences. Contact CREEL for a free demonstration.
CREEL offers a comprehensive array of prepress services at all of its facilities. Our staff includes expert retouchers, graphic designers, and production specialists who engineer projects directly with our printing craftsmen to ensure the highest
reproduction quality and most efficient job setup. We utilize the latest in Adobe design programs and Screen plating/imposition software, and can work seamlessly from virtually any file format or platform. CREEL’s prepress experts also provide technical
support, page processing, troubleshooting, and a variety of hard and remote proofing solutions — all certified to SWOP or GRACoL® standards and “fingerprinted” to our presses for optimal production.
The manufacturing floor at Creel headquarters is a veritable showcase of the most advanced printing technologies in the world. Our fleet of equipment includes the pinnacle in heatset-web, open-web, and sheetfed — all specially configured and automated for maximum efficiency. Creel’s headquarters also recently installed a 10-unit sheetfed UV MAN Roland HiPrint 700 perfector with double coating and an 8-unit, double-web 57″
Goss Sunday 2000 — both considered manufacturing powerhouses in their categories. Creel’s digital locations are equally impressive. Combined, our two Digital Lizard facilities house 20 state-of-the-art variable imaging digital presses — giving us position amongst the top 5 digital enterprises in the nation. Digital equipment is bolstered by inline/near-line finishing, full-service bindery and mailing, and a host of innovative digital
solutions. Indeed, Creel is vigilant in investing in and maintaining the technologies that give customers a leading edge. All of our equipment benefits from seamless integration with our proprietary, high-tech data and communications systems. And our pristine, highly organized manufacturing floor is designed for optimal quality, collaboration, workflow, and environmental compliance.
CREEL is proud to be one of the top publishing solutions partners in the world. Our premier CiPS program caters to magazine and catalog clients, offering collaborative online design, drag-and-drop content completion, and multiuser proofing of fully
imposed page layouts 24/7. Built specifically around the challenging publishing workflow, this proprietary tool simplifies client development and production. In addition to being able to update pages on the fly, customers can generate and route proofs,
integrate changes, and secure approvals, while working with any number of company-designated individuals. Additionally, ads can be placed at any time, allowing advertisers greater flexibility. CIPS is mobile- and tablet-compatible.
As companies strive to improve their print ROI, sound data management is essential. CREEL has a dedicated team, with years of experience helping clients leverage data for its full potential. CREEL’s data processing capabilities range from
warehousing through data mining, segmentation, analysis, and reporting. Indeed, our value-added data services have become a significant draw, as we help more customers make the move into multichannel marketing.
CREEL augments its inline finishing processes with a full complement of cutting, folding, drilling, stitching, perfect binding, shrinkwrapping, and laminating operations. Our systems enable virtually every project to be completed in house —
saving time and costs, and maintaining complete quality control. From complex folding through high-page-count perfect binding, our bindery experts are committed to delivering flawless finished products that exceed your expectations.
CREEL has also added an additional perfect binder and three high-speed poly and mailing lines — with 100% guaranteed mail match.
CREEL’s comprehensive mailing services span high-speed inkjetting, inserting, labeling, polybagging, fulfillment, drop shipments, and more. For any program, we handle full list management, NCOA, address
verification, and de-duping, saving customer significant postage costs. CREEL’s headquarters also includes an onsite USPS DMU facility, streamlining handling and expediting delivery times.
For larger projects, efficiencies are key. CREEL has strong relationships with numerous shippers and access to a variety of freight options. Leveraging these assets, CREEL provides highly efficient and cost-advantaged distribution to either coast.
For clients who need immediate delivery — and for most digital jobs — CREEL leverages an extensive network of resources to ensure same-day or next-day receipt. Plus, with CREEL’s digital 8-minute time from order to press, clients can receive some of their
most time sensitive projects within hours.
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