Print On Demand

CREEL’s innovation continues. Investing in Print on Demand capabilities has enabled our clients to reduce costs, have complete control over how, when and what they print. No quantity is too small and complete personalization is just a click away. Combine personalized salutations with the ability to print infinite images per individual piece, and you have got “true” print on demand. The future of managed and targeted print is here at CREEL.

Inventory Management and fulfillment with reporting

In addition, clients can now manage their fulfillment with just a click. Combining Print on Demand and CREEL’s inventory management solution dramatically reduces cost. For example a client can personalize catalogs, print a limited number and include/combine them with any other collaterals or materials, and mail them without ever leaving their office. It’s that easy. Then, campaign results can be measured accurately with CREEL’s reporting solution.

Ask our Solutions Team for more details.

Contact Vice President of Marketing and Sales, Micah Armijo, for more information.