Continued  reinvestment in cutting edge hardware
and a commitment to customers have made CREEL a respected industry leader

Modern, clean and well  maintained equipment, managed and operated by highly skilled craftsman  is as much a key to the quality, look and feel of any finished project  as the copy and content within it.

The production floor at CREEL’s Las Vegas facility houses an arsenal of  cutting edge technologies and unrivaled capabilities. Equipment,  location and delivery methods have made CREEL the most highly sought  after publication, catalog and convention/show daily printer in the U.S.

CREEL recently installed two Heidelberg M-2000 web presses with Sunday technology, enabling the company to produce a wide variety of products with consistent color. A new six-color Komori also offers sheetfed printing, featuring both spot and overall coating. In addition, CREEL boasts a full line of pressroom equipment and is poised to handle each and every customer need, no matter the size of the job. The capabilities CREEL has implemented in the pressroom allow them to print with outstanding efficiency and at a quality level unmatched by competitors.

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