Creel Mobile

A recognized industry leader, CREEL Printing’s Mobile Division encompasses a broad menu of services specifically designed to meet the needs of our ever changing digital world.

Staying one step ahead of the competition takes innovation. Creel’s reputation as an industry leader was founded on innovative thinking, ideas, new technology and most importantly for our client’s, their growth and success.

2D Barcode technology (QR, EZ, UPC, Datamatrix)
With 2D Barcode Technology customers can encode almost any information they would like easily and instantly be accessed via a mobile phone. Everything from internet landing page locations that describe a business, to web pages for special events or advertisement purposes, can be accessed by simply capturing the 2d barcode with a cell phone camera and the designated page appears instantaneously on screen*

Multi Site Menu Code

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*Scanlife software is recommended to read 2D Barcodes.

Branded iPad* / iPhone, Android and Mobile applications
Interested in an iPad or mobile application solution for your business? Creel Digital Division can help. At Creel we have developed innovative iPad and mobile applications that help our clients drive business and increase profitability by allowing access via an iPad or mobile device. Whether it’s an ecommerce solution or building brand awareness, a Creel iPad or Mobile application is an affordable solution.

Digital Rights Management (DRM) Creel Mobile also produces Digital Rights Managed content via Adobe Content Server to deliver secure information to a multitude of e-Reader devices including the Sony e-reader, Apple iPad, Barnes & Noble Nook, Amazon Kindle 2, and a host of others. Creel Mobile also performs content conversion from native applications, such as Adobe In Design, into e-pub and PDF format to host on the Content Server for secure delivery.

Online Publication and Catalog Hosting in both Flash and HTML. Creel Mobile can convert your print ready PDF files into content viewable on desktops as well as tablets to access your content electronically. We can also incorporate your online ordering to shopping carts, additional product information and streamline your subscription process.

PURL’s Personalized URL’s
PURLs (Persistent Uniform Resource Locators) are Web addresses that act as permanent identifiers in the face of a dynamic and changing Web infrastructure. PURLs are used to curate the URL resolution process, thus solving the problem of transitory URIs in location-based URI schemes like HTTP. Sound confusing? It’s not. In short PURLS are permanent markers that allow Creel customers to redirect traffic to a permanent location on the web that they designate. Need help creating that landing location? Creel’s Digital Division can help with that too!

These innovative solutions provide customers ways to increase revenue, increase visibility and compete in a changing business world. They are GREEN solutions that work to reduce emissions while still maintaining the momentum required to compete in today’s business environment. Ask a Creel Digital Division expert for details.

*iPad is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.