History – Our Legacy of Commitment

Eugene and Sarah Creel

2013 is a very special year for CREEL. We are celebrating 60 years in business! This is a major accomplishment for any company and can only be attributed to what an amazing team we have had through all of these years. 60 years ago Eugene and Sarah Creel had recently moved to the Las Vegas Valley from Los Angeles County. At that time Las Vegas had a population of just over 25,000 people and our company had an employee count of 3. Eugene and Sarah’s entrepreneurial dream was to use Eugene’s skills as a linotype machine operator to offer the, much needed, service of printing to the booming Las Vegas Community. Putting everything on the line to pursue this dream they opened Silver State Printers in 1953. 60 years, 5 facilities and 500 team members later, much has changed. What has stayed consistent is the values of our company and family. Hard work and dedication are the founding principles this company was started on and those values are what embody our team today. We have always viewed CREEL as a family organization. Each and every one of you are a part of that.

In the early 1950’s Eugene and Sarah Creel began what would become an incredible journey that has spanned generations. It started with a clear and concise vision of operating their small business in a way that put the needs of their customers first and delivering the highest level of quality and service possible. Becoming not only the mission for Creel Printing, but the cornerstone of how things would be for the next 60 years.

CREEL Printing circa 1960

During the 1970’s Allan Creel Sr. steadfastly proceeded with the plans and upheld the same philosophies his parents had begun. His loyalty and commitment to customers was unwavering. With a keen business approach and an eye toward the future and emerging technologies, Allan Creel Sr. and his wife Debbie Creel were committed to continued reinvestment in the company. And that they did. Within 15 years, the company was positioned as a driving force in the printing industry.

As the business grew rapidly during the 1980’s and 1990’s the mission of a commitment to customers needs never waivered. Three generations later, the Creel name is known and respected industry wide for abiding by and maintaining its founding tradition of excellence for the customers whom it serves.

Today, Allan Creel Jr. has taken CREEL Printing to new heights. His ability to look beyond industry trends and set new ones has made him one of the most respected leaders in the printing industry. His commitment to “beyond” cutting edge technology has positioned the company as an innovator in the changing world of digital media.

Allan Creel Jr. takes a “hands on” approach and deals with customers daily because he believes in finding better solutions for them. Just as his father and grandfather before him, Allan Creel Jr. is an unassuming “down to earth” visionary who will ultimately take CREEL into a new generation of success.

The history of CREEL Printing is unquestionably an American success story. Commitment, innovation, and a profound sense of loyalty to customers have made this success story possible.

New CREEL Printing facility