2012 Gold Ink Awards

LAS VEGAS, NV (September 13, 2012) — Publishing solutions provider CREEL Printing has once again been honored at the prestigious annual Gold Ink Awards. With eight achievements in total, CREEL is among the most recognized firms worldwide and 2012’s top “Gold” winner—the competition’s highest accolade.

Held annually, the Gold Ink Awards is considered the industry’s most influential competition. It is judged by recognized experts who painstakingly discriminate print quality, technical difficulty, and overall visual effectiveness. This year’s contest drew nearly 1,000 contributions from across the globe.

CREEL’s four “Gold” Awards span consumer magazines, catalogs, covers, and fine arts reproduction, showcasing the company’s adeptness and versatility across various product lines. CREEL also brings home two “Silver” and two “Pewter” Awards, with winning pieces in softcover books and other categories.

“CREEL is proud to be distinguished by such high honors,” said Allan G. Creel, President of CREEL Printing. “Our people work very hard to deliver customers the superior reproduction quality and detail that gets their products noticed. And we continue to innovate, finding novel ways to help them advance their competitive edge.”

CREEL’s meticulous craftsmanship has earned it a long history of merits and accolades. It has being recognized by virtually every leading industry authority and association, and is top-ranked by its customers. CREEL took home 9 Gold Ink Awards in 2011. CREEL and other Gold Ink Award winners will be honored at GraphExpo in October.

Founded in 1953, CREEL Printing is one of the most tenured family-owned enterprises in the world of print. Ranked among the top 50 commercial printers and 10 largest publication printers nationwide, CREEL’s capabilities span high-end, full-color web printing; color variable digital printing; integrated publishing solutions; specialty-configured bindery operations; a web-based digital edition tool; web-based storefronts; advanced online solutions (including digital rights management); and more. CREEL operates a state-of-the-art, 250,000-square-foot headquarters in Las Vegas, cutting-edge digital print facilities, and an open-web plant. The company runs three shifts, working 24/7.

For more information about CREEL Printing, visit www.creelprint.com,
or contact Allan G. Creel at 702.735.8161 or via email at allan.creel@creelprint.com.

The Gold Ink Awards is the industry’s most prestigious print competition.

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