Data security is a significant concern for every business. Even a partial data breach can be disastrous to a company’s image. CREEL customers can rest assured. Our company has implemented unmatched practices and protocols that ensure 100% security of client information.

First, CREEL has developed groundbreaking tools to provide for safe connectivity and data transfer between the customer office and any CREEL location. Our company’s rigorous standards safeguard every

type of submission. From our password-protected ordering portals through our secure FTPs, CREEL has engineered its systems around the most advanced encryption and firewalls available.

CREEL also offers the state-of-the-art in data and digital asset management, warehousing, and retrieval. Clients are guaranteed secure, 24/7 access to their information alongside intuitive dashboards that

enable them to refine, segment, and tailor data to drive new business.

Plus, to stay ahead of the curve, CREEL has partnered with SUPERNAP — the world’s largest co-location center — in installing a dedicated 1 GBPS, point-to-point data center connection. This standout tool enables CREEL to manage all customer data in a mission-critical secure environment, while providing complete disaster recovery services, multiple server backup, and redundancy.


About Switch SUPERNAP


Switch, the developer of SUPERNAP data centers, is the revolutionary technology solutions company led by inventor and solutionist Rob Roy. As Founder and CEO he holds 218 patents and patents pending that have produced an essential and future forward transformation in data center architecture, engineering, technology and operations. His vision also resulted in the creation of CORE, the world’s only $3 trillion independent carrier purchasing cooperative, and the highly respected “Truth in Technology” operating ideology.

Designed by Rob Roy, the Switch award-winning Tier IV Gold SUPERNAP data centers are certified as the highest-ranking data centers in the world and are maintained by the highest-rated mission critical operations team. With more on-net, independent cloud providers than any other physical cloud gateway, SUPERNAP connects thousands of clients and providers from within the facility. SUPERNAP is the recognized world leader in colocation design, development and mission critical operations. Learn more at

“CREEL has implemented unmatched practices and protocols that ensure 100% security of client information.”
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